HDD rig M8x18 has a high torque and pulling force of 18 tons, which allows you to plot a different kind of communication for a length of up to 400 m. HDD rig M8x18 is equipped with the Korean engine “Doosan” and hydraulic system of the European production. The rig has a rack and gear drive and Automatic rod feed. Equipped with an operator’s cabin, all necessary tool, tracking and mixing system by customer request.


Parameters Quantity


The weight of the rig (kg) 10500
Dimensions of rig (l/W / h): 6300 х 2200 х 2250
Max. Drilling length (m) 400
Max. Extension (mm) 800
Anchor system 4 screw anchors


Мах. Torque (Нм) 8000

Rotation speed, rev/min

– I gear

– II gear

4200 Нm till 140 rev/min

8400 Нm till 70 rev/min

high-pressure pump station

Engine model Doosan P126TI
Type of engine Diesel
Hydraulic system pressure (bar) 200/120
Engine power (кWt) 180 hp

Drilling rods

Length (mm) 3000/4500
Diameter (mm) 60-89

Pulling system of drilling rods

Traction power, (кН) 18000
Сarriage speed, (m/sec) 0,2-1


Automatic feeding system of rods yes
Angle of drilling 20°

Pump system

Мах pressure
Мах pump capacity


Type of crawlers rubber crawlers
Width of crawlers, (mm) 400
Speed, km/h till 3