Portable drilling rig S-15 Profi – a novelty in the range of small drilling rigs. Light weight drilling rig S-15 Profi enables you to drill in very cramped conditions, By the aid of the detachable mast and the oil station. Only 2 people are needed for operation and transportation of the drilling rig parts. The mast is equipped with removable wheels for easy transportation. On the trailer there are ramps for easy descent of the oil station. With the help of a mechanical winch, the oil station can be installed back on the trailer. On request, the rig can be equipped with a collapsible frame for drilling with washing.


Dimensions in transport position:
Length 3200 mm
Width 1880 mm
Height 1500 mm
Max. bit diameter 300mm
Max. drilling depth 100m
Torque 660 Nm (optional up to 1060)
Number of rotations of the rotator 120 rpm (optional up to 220)
Force to feed up 4100 kg
The force on the flow down of 2450 kg
Carriage feed stroke, (mm) 2200
Feed rate, m/sec 0,41
Gasoline engine 24 hp