We are pleased to offer you the latest development of our official partners – the company “SENCE HDD”, characterized by its strength, reliability, speed and versatility – system SNS 200 PROn, recommended for drilling complexes weighing up to 60 tons. This is a transitional model from SNS 200 to SNS 300. The system made on new technology taking into account all previous mistakes, it developed into qualitatively new model allowing in a consequence to be added by software more and more new functionality.


  • the frequency of the emitter and receiving 12 kHz (software and increasing the frequency of 33 kHz);
  • Intuitive interface and menu navigation;
  • power supply 6 class C batteries or battery on Receiver and Repeater;
  • the capacity of the battery is 24 hours;
  • depth range up to 30 m, including cable probe;
  • the range of the telemetry 500 m, 1-m relay and 1000 m
  • precision pitch 0,1 %
  • operating temperature range -20 to +60 C.

SNS 200 PROn and SNS 300 (PRO15, H, SH, MK, DL, 4M) system probes

Model Frequency, kHz Note Recommended battery
1 SNS 200 PRO 12 single-frequency Alkaline, type C – 2 PCs.
2 SNS 300 H 33 single-frequency  Alkaline, type C – 2 PCs.
3 SNS 300 SH 12; 33 two-frequency Alkaline, type C – 2 PCs.
4 SNS 300 MK 12; 33 two-frequency Alkaline, type aa– 1 PC.
5 SNS 300 DL 12/1,5; 12+ two-frequency, deep Lithium, type 2С –  1 PC.
6 SNS 300 4M 12, 12/1,5; 12+; 33 four-mode, deep Lithium, type 2С –  1 PC.
7 SNS 200 каб. 12 single-frequency, cable From the network 12-24V,220V

Decoding of designations:
S – standard, frequency 12 kHz, depth– 15m
D – deep, frequency 12 kHz – depth probe (12+), depth– 22 m
H – high, frequency  33 kHz, depth– 21 m
L – low,  frequency   12/1,5 kHz – 12 m
In addition, we do not abandon the standard SNS 200 PRO 15m probe, because it is widely used in the market of systems of the previous version.
We also have the ability to produce a probe with any combination of frequencies and settings. For example, the SNS 300 system can use the probes of the Mark and Eclipse systems. There is also backward compatibility confirmed by our engineers: namely, the SNS 300 series probes can be used in Mark and Eclipse systems.
Dimensions of all probes (except cable):
probe length-380 mm, probe diameter-32 mm.