We are pleased to offer you the latest development of our official partners – the company “SENCE HDD”, characterized by its strength, reliability, speed and versatility – multi-frequency system SNS 300, recommended for drilling complexes weighing up to 60 tons. The system made on new technology taking into account all previous mistakes, it developed into qualitatively new model allowing in a consequence to be added by software more and more new functionality.


  • eуmitter and receive frequency of 12, 33 kHz and 1.5 kHz;
  • hardware compatibility (Receiver Probe) with Eclipse and Mark;
  • Intuitive interface and menu navigation;
  • power supply 6 class C batteries or battery on Receiver and Repeater;
  • the capacity of the battery is 24 hours;
  • depth range up to 30 m, including cable probe;
  • the range of the telemetry 500 m, 1-m relay and 1000 m;
  • precision pitch 0,1%;
  • operating temperature range -20 to +60 C